Welcome to Treeleaf!

In this video you’ll find an overview and guided tour of the Treeleaf forum including: general navigation, account settings and registration, and how-to.

For a current schedule of our sits, Zazenkai, and events, please check the Calendar link in the navigation bar. See you there!

New to Zazen?

Here are some basic instructions and pointers for sitting daily Zazen. After you read the following introduction to sitting Zazen, please then watch our special series of video Talks for Beginners on the forum (we are all beginners!).

Fukan Zazengi

In our tradition, the best description of how to sit Zazen comes from Master Dogen, the teacher who first brought the Soto Zen Lineage from China to Japan in the 13th Century. Please find our link to the text of the Fukanzazengi below.

Please do consider watching our Series of Talks for Beginners after reading the Zazen instructions.

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