Donations to Treeleaf Sangha

There are no charges at all for the activities and teachings provided at Treeleaf Sangha, which are each offered free to all who may benefit. No donations are solicited or required. However, if someone wishes to make a voluntary donation to our community, they may do so at the following link with our gratitude. If you wish to make a donation, we ask you to consider a suggested MONTHLY DONATION OF US$5 or $10 ($60 or $120 PER YEAR), with the understanding that people who have little or no money should know especially that it is fine to donate less than such amounts or nothing at all. If one has more money, and feels it is right, one can donate more than such amounts. All donations are completely voluntary, without obligation, according to ability, and as one feels in one’s heart. Newcomers should wait some months until making sure they feel at home in our community before even considering to donate. We leave it to each person to decide.

All donations will be used for the purposes of the maintenance and improvement of software and equipment needed for this ‘digital’ Sangha, books, notices and publications to introduce our resources to those who may benefit, support of retreats and activities, and other Sangha related expenditures under the supervision of our 5 member “Donation Oversight and Expenditure Committee” (DETAILS ON THE COMMITTEE AT THIS LINK).

A LITTLE GIFT FOR DONORS: Anyone who has made a donation, please feel free to download this free artwork for a Treeleaf T-shirt (made by our own dear Kyonin). If you take it to your local t-shirt making store (there are also some places online you can find that do so and ship), they will surely make you one … although, well, you will have to pay for that part! (TREELEAF T-SHIRT DESIGN — Adobe Illustrator format).

One should not donate with thought of a tax deduction for doing so. Furthermore, because we have members in so many countries, it is not possible to promise a charitable tax deduction under the tax laws in each country. Please check with your own accountant if concerned about this. With regard to donations in the United States by U.S. citizens, we believe that the IRS would deem our community a “church” and grant a charitable deduction for donations to us. While Treeleaf is -not- incorporated as a so-called “501(c)(3)” charitable corporation (due to the cost of doing so), the IRS states that so registering is –not– necessary in order for donors to receive a deduction for church donations. However, check with your own accountant to confirm. In the end, we believe that donations should be made without thought given to a “tax deduction”. Dāna is the Virtue and Practice of generosity or giving.

We thank you for your generosity.