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Treeleaf NOW is a mobile-friendly resource for many common Treeleaf activities: our weekly Zazenkai, daily sittings, meetings for sewing and Tonglen, Treeleaf podcasts, etc. Join us!

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Using the (free) Zoom video conferencing platform you can join in live-two way sittings with your fellow Sangha members. Please feel free to join a scheduled sitting with a small ceremony in the Scheduled Sitting Room (see the calendar tab for the schedule) or you can drop in and sit any time in silent sittings in Free Sitting Room (sometimes referred to around here as "the FSR").

Using the (free) Zoom video conferencing platform, we gather together each week on Saturday Morning (Tokyo time) for a live video netcast Zazenkai. The first Zazenkai of the month is 4 hours long, while the others are 90 minutes. Zazenkais are recorded to Youtube and remain available in their respective forum threads for discussion or later viewing and sitting.

Join the Zazenkai in the Scheduled Sitting Room (approximately 10 minutes prior to the official start):

Please note: On Thursday or Friday this video will typically change to a placeholder in anticipation of the upcoming Zazenkai.

Currently the recorded Zazenkai are no longer appearing on the Treeleaf Youtube page, but they can always be viewed either here or via the forum threads.

Using the (free) Zoom video conferencing platform you can join in live-two way sittings with your fellow Sangha members. Currently we have meetings for Tonglen, Oryoki, and Fukudenkai (silent sewing).

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Dharma talks from giving during the monthly Zazenkai (by Jundo and occationally the Treeleaf priests and Unsui) are posted to the Treeleaf Zendo Podcast. You can either listen to them here, or subscribe to the podcast in the podcasting software of your choice.

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The Zen of Everything presents a zen take on life, love, laughter, and everything else. With Jundo Cohen, a real zen master, and Kirk McElhearn, a guy who knows a bit about zen.

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Zen and Shikantaza related aphorisms from Treeleaf Sangha members to repeat a few times and breathe with during the day.

Dropping all thought
of “this and that”,in a world
of “this and that”