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    Quote Originally Posted by zen master of the Interweb®

    Matthew Furey giving a Zen Beating to a student.
    ummm... zen beating? I bet the guy on the foor was just asking for his money back from the seminar :lol:

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    I could take him.

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    Look at you girly men with your loser dukka and your flabby minds. You sit zazen like marshmellows. Hear me now and believe me later. After I pump you up, you will attain instant enlightenment and your muscled non-self will enter nirvana- a state of much flexing and yodaling.


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    Hmm… you know, there is not enough violence in our daily practice here at Treeleaf… :wink:

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    Has anyone watched his videos? Master Egret he's not.

    Rise up!

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