Life is fluid and never set. There is no script. But I find that in the course of a day.. it can crystalize into a script. Life freezes into a perception, becoming a world of narrow options and expectations. When I walk around like this.. encountering other people with shared history.. my fixed perception is like a mould that they fill and become cast by, without even knowing it. They just play along. It is an amazing thing to observe, and it goes both ways, of course. But when I sit and forget into simple presence, I walk out the door with no fixed perception, no baggage of history, and no mould for a fluid world to fill. When encountering the same people, they are not cast, and they are just as free. Everything is alive, with no fixed outcome. There is a quality that long-time practitioners have, of always dropping and being new again, and again, and again. It is like the image of "mind" as space. Space itself remains unstained and undisturbed by the life that fills it, whether it is a passing butterfly or a passing storm. It is an inspiring and encouraging quality to be around..

Just sharing what's up..

Gassho, kojip.