I am quite new here and quite new to zen. I have started meditating one year ago, but have been interested in Buddhism in a very long time.
I just didn’t know which path to choose, but it finally came quite naturally. I have been to a Diamond Way Center in Poland, but found the group very confusing and actually a bit controversial. I couldn’t agree with some of their opinions. I was actually shocked.

I decided to read a little bit more about Buddhism and found a great book “The Compass of Zen” by Seung Sahn which gave me a great introduction to Buddhism in general and had deepened my interest in Zen. I understood that this is my way. I began to look for a Sangha in my area (I live in Denmark now) but the closest one is in Århus (60 km from where I live), and this is still a very informal group with no adherence to any particular school. I decided to look for some help on the Internet and finally found Treeleaf, which I think is so wonderful and exactly what I was looking for.

I have been introduced to meditation before, as I am Iyengara Yoga student as well and know how to sit in lotus

I am also a big admire of Thich Nhat Hanh teaching. I find his methods and language very simple and clear.

So, this would be it. A short introduction.
I am sure I am going to ask you Jundo, and you guys million of questions soon.
I hope my english is good enough.

A bit of personal info: I am 29, educated as a graphic designer and a photographer, working in a printing house and doing freelance work as a photographer. I am sure there will be an opportunity to talk about this later. If anyone is interested.

Until now, gassho to you all.