'MONDAYS with TAIGU' (on Wednesday) - Kannon As Life

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are dancing on pampas grass
and how the moon is sailing
above them all!!


Far from being a distant and benevolent Boddhistava ,Kannon can be seen as the dynamic radiance of stillness, it arises from the mudra of non-duality and shines through time and space, sun-like.
Like the moon of Genjokoan, it touches,  permeates  the myriad forms without altering them. Every action is an expression of its loving and caring energy, from breakfast to bedtime, from toilet to supermarket, the daily actions of life are just as they are, the face and arms of Avalokitesvara. Nothing is hidden, and yet one cannot see. Kannon is merged in perfect intimacy with chores, breaks, deeds, laughs and cries. So Kannon doesn t abide anywhere, it is our own being manifested as compassion in 1000 daily actions. Kannon is also a listening ability, an open mindedness which can be experienced in every step of our life. Buddhas and Boddhistavas represents aspects of our being-life, you may want to find them in somebody special, but I am afraid that his will take you to the stage of burning incense and doing ceremonies. Dogen s Zen is not to pray Kannon, but to allow Kannon to be alive in our life, in people, situations, and things we meet. 

(remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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