SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Fukanzazengi XC

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If there is nothing to obtain, no place to go, why does Master Dogen speak of "the direction of effort", "going forward"?

And what is there to 'achieve' if there is nothing to achieve? Where are we trying to get to?

Attaining 'non-attainment' is a very great attainment

'Homeless' Kodo said

If we don’t watch out, we’ll start believing that the buddha-dharma is like climbing up a staircase.
But it isn’t like this at all.
This very step right now is the one practice which includes all practices,
and it is all practices, contained in this one practice.

* * *

Each and every step is our Practice, is our Life

Therefore, we do not discuss intelligence as superior and stupidity as inferior. Let us not choose between clever persons and dull ones. If we make effort devotedly, that is just wholehearted pursuit of the truth. Practice-and-experience is naturally untainted. The direction of effort becomes more balanced and constant. [Nishijima]

This being the case, intelligence or lack of it is not an issue; make no distinction between the dull and the sharp-witted. If you concentrate your effort single-mindedly, that in itself is wholeheartedly engaging the way. Practice-realization is naturally undefiled. Going forward is, after all, an everyday affair. [SZTP]


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