SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Good News!

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We had some very good news today: The buildings of the Treeleaf Zendo won't need as much 'anti-earthquake' reinforcement work as we thought. (I think that is why I kept confusing 'architect' with 'archaeologist' during today's talk ... I have roof beams on my mind). Only a few walls will need to be torn out.

Yes, this is VERY good news, and the construction will just take a few weeks.

Yet 'good news' can be as unsettling as 'bad news', if we succumb to the excitement, the thrill ... if we cling to the momentary joy and the heightened dreams and expectations. We are afraid now of losing the treasure that fell into our hands.

When happy, just be happy ... yet do not be attached to the feeling, do not be needful of happiness. Can we meet all things with 'equanimity'?

(By the way, here is a film of the Treeleaf. I think it looks much bigger and grander than it really is, and is truly rather small and cramped by Western standards. The thing about it is those old buildings that need care ... including the Dojo for Zazen ... and the vegetable field and Japanese garden. That garden is the thing, and requires constant tending to keep the trees and plants in form, another source of anxiety and doubt ... thus one more chance for a practice of 'equanimity')

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