SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: 9 Second Sit

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I am in downtown Tokyo, but my attempt to do the netcast (I found out only after non-doing today's sitting) cut after 9 seconds. Oh well.

As I do not have my power cord, I cannot recharge my batteries. Oh well.

Battery charging by projecting my 'ki' is not one of my magic powers. Oh well.

Until I can recharge, please make do with this super-short sitting.

I did the sitting for about 30 minutes. So, since 9 seconds x 200 = 30 minutes ... if you just replay the sitting 200 times ... same effect.

Or, if you take the 9 seconds as a symbolic 30 minutes ... same effect.

By the way, 9 goes into 108 (a 'Sacred' number in Buddhism) 12 times ... which happens to be the number of links in the Chain of Dependent Origination.

Although I don't know what ... that MUST mean something! :-)

What I do know for sure, anyway, is that 'long' time and 'short' time are all ideas of the human mind. Drop those, and there is no 'long' and 'short'.

If I can get my recharge, I will see you later today ... if not, tomorrow. Gassho.

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