SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO: Fukanzazengi XII

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Here are words and philosophizing ... about not getting caught in words and philosophizing ...

Tatoe e ni hokori go ni yutaka ni shite, becchi no chitsû o e, dô o e, shin o akirame te, shôten no shiiki o koshi, nyûtô no henryô ni shôyô su to iedomo, hotondo shusshin no katsuro o kiketsu su.

Even if, proud of our understanding and richly endowed with realizations, we obtain special states of insight, attain the truth, we clarify the mind, we manifest a zeal that pierces the sky, [even so, we but] ramble through remote spheres that are entered with the head; we have almost completely lost the vigorous path of real acts in the area of reality. [Nishijima]

Suppose you are confident in your understanding and rich in enlightenment, gaining the wisdom that knows at a glance, attaining the Way and clarifying the mind, arousing an aspiration to reach for the heavens. You are playing in the [intellectual] entranceway, but you still are short of the vital path of emancipation. [SZTP]

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