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Thread: Announcing Treeleaf Global Service Days September 15-29!

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    Announcing Treeleaf Global Service Days September 15-29!

    Greetings all,

    Joining in celebration of our practice and the exciting announcements Jundo made yesterday regarding Jukai and Ango, we'd like to announce that our first Global Service Days will be September 15-29..... if at all possible, please try to arrange to perform your volunteer/service day (whether a few hours, a half day, or a full day!) in this two-week window.

    The idea of a two-week period is to give Treeleafers as much flexibility as possible in scheduling their day of service, and at the same time try to create some community and momentum as we work and support one another in relieving the suffering of others in the world.

    We are working on the launch of a blog (more to come) where those who choose to may submit photos or descriptions of their experiences - these can be shared anonymously if you so wish - Kyonin and myself will moderate the blog and review posts prior to putting them up for public view. You are not required to write about your experience, but any sharing that helps build our effort and community will be very helpful and much appreciated!

    If you require ideas for projects, or have ideas to share, we are "always open" to new submissions.... or feel free to PM Kyonin, myself, any of the Engaged Project Committee Members, or Jundo and Taigu. I'm really excited to kick this off.... as I work in my own service project it has a lot more meaning to me knowing that I am part of a community of service and practice.. I feel much less alone.

    I'd like to thank you all for your support as we embark on something really significant and wonderful. It is one of the ways in which our practice becomes real....


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    Thank you, Yugen.

    I'm honored to be part of this wonderful project.

    And to all Treeleafers, yes! Feel free to send in your comments and stories so we can document our first Treeleaf Global Service Days.


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Thank you Yugen and Kyonin,

    Count me in ... I have marked it down on my calendar!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ecoist View Post
    Thank you Yugen and Kyonin,

    Count me in ... I have marked it down on my calendar!


    Same here
    Kōshin / Leo

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    心 = Heart/Mind

    Still not getting this Zazen business

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    Happy to see that the official dates have been determined
    I've got them marked down on the calendar! Looking forward to hearing all the stories of Dharma in action!

    Ho (Dharma)
    Yu (Hot Water)

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    Great!!! _/\_
    Kaishin (Open Heart aka Matt)
    Please take this layman's words with a grain of salt.

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    Looking really forward to this! I'm finding that in my practice service seems to just seems to be more and more a habit. I work primarily with dogs that have been abandoned, sometimes abused. I will try to put together a special post on my activities and will double down on my work during this time period. Practice at Treeleaf is not without obligation....but, for me anyway, it comes naturally. I also finding that doing such work I am inspired by others who are involved in helping and solving problems beyond themselves.


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    Well said. I too work with abandoned/abused animals on a volunteer basis. I will be doing as many shifts as possible during our service days and will continually re-commit after service period ends. Treeleaf is not without obligation. So true, as this is a Sangha and not simply a forum. Thank you to all Treeleafer's for allowing me to participate with all of you in this wonderful opportunity.

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    Thanks to you as well Jeff. I have been at Treeleaf for quite a few years and we are quite fortunate to have such an excellent community and teachers. I think for many of us we serve out of a sense of gratitude.


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    It's really great to hear that people are doing good things with animals. Are you working in local shelters or is this a private rescue?

    My Wife and I volunteer with a greyhound rescue/adoption group to evaluate potential homes and promote greyhound adoption.

    Cool! Gassho.

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    Hi Chris,

    I work with a private organization that rescues dogs and cats. Many times we get animals who are at "kill shelters" and would be put to sleep, unless someone adopted the animal. It is wonderful to hear that you and your wife volunteer with greyhounds! My organization has a table at our local Petsmart where we showcase our animals and there is a group that is also at Petsmart who work with greyhounds exclusively.....they are such beautiful animals!

    Since I was very young I've had a strong connection with dogs....they have helped me through some very difficult times. I have had the great fortune to share my life with some amazing dogs and feel I owe them a favor. It is with great pleasure I try to help these animals find a good homes.


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    Hey Chris & Brian,

    It pains me to admit that I work with a county run "kill shelter". The main reason for my involvement was their need for people in their no-kill initiative. I try to find placement for as many of our animals as possible, with "no-kill" alternatives. I work with a number of municipally run and private rescue groups that do not kill, much like Brian's I'm sure. It's an uphill battle, but well worth it. Thank you both for your efforts.


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    Yes Jeff we must have contact with such organizations so that animals who are unfortunate to be in "kill shelters" get a chance for adoption. It is a sad situation so many animals are unwanted and one can debate what is really the best solution and most humane way to deal with so many animals. Nevertheless, it is our efforts that give these animals a chance at a better life. Thanks for your service!


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    I am collecting egg boxes to fill, with the aim of delivering 6 eggs to all the old folks in my street.......we already hand out extras to those folks we know, but we will extend this to those who we don't know too. We know that the main aim is to show a friendly face and have a chat and that is what so many people need these days.
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