Greetings all,

Joining in celebration of our practice and the exciting announcements Jundo made yesterday regarding Jukai and Ango, we'd like to announce that our first Global Service Days will be September 15-29..... if at all possible, please try to arrange to perform your volunteer/service day (whether a few hours, a half day, or a full day!) in this two-week window.

The idea of a two-week period is to give Treeleafers as much flexibility as possible in scheduling their day of service, and at the same time try to create some community and momentum as we work and support one another in relieving the suffering of others in the world.

We are working on the launch of a blog (more to come) where those who choose to may submit photos or descriptions of their experiences - these can be shared anonymously if you so wish - Kyonin and myself will moderate the blog and review posts prior to putting them up for public view. You are not required to write about your experience, but any sharing that helps build our effort and community will be very helpful and much appreciated!

If you require ideas for projects, or have ideas to share, we are "always open" to new submissions.... or feel free to PM Kyonin, myself, any of the Engaged Project Committee Members, or Jundo and Taigu. I'm really excited to kick this off.... as I work in my own service project it has a lot more meaning to me knowing that I am part of a community of service and practice.. I feel much less alone.

I'd like to thank you all for your support as we embark on something really significant and wonderful. It is one of the ways in which our practice becomes real....