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    a very humble request

    To the kind people that sometimes think my words are not just uttered by a crazy foolish Frenchie...For my dear students known and unknown, for my teachers too, my brothers and sisters, please, please, pay attention.
    I have red the most illuminating writings on Dogen ever, I just cry. I cry. Tears of joy and gratitude.

    The most important part of Fukanzazengi is in my clouded yes: Zetsugaku mui no shinjin: a true person beyond study and the intention to achieve. Beyond study, beyond Budha finding Buddha in mud and waters.
    Today the first cicadas sang and I am mending an old robe and going to work. Beyond Buddha. Always beyond. Human, as I am. Imperfectly as-is. Flawed.
    And I was reading Taigen's prose realizing that his puts down to words every inch of this boundless territory, every move of this dance I have been involved in for 35 years and way before.

    Taigen's latest book has three chapters that are beyond the beyond. Forget my clumsy words, I am merely beating about the bush. Just go there. See for yourself.
    A chapter about genjokan, another one about Gyobustu Igi and the last one, so important about Muchu Setsumu, within the Dream expressing the Dream.

    Please, read this and don't try to understand. It is crystal clear anyway.
    You may post your impressions, comments and just sheer appreciation here.
    But the most important point is that you make this REAL. Because, it is just already REAL. It is yours. Your treasure beyond the will to study or achieve, the kensho drive and trying-to-be-a-better-bloke-or-girl.


    Dharma gate of joy and ease



    Zen questions, Zazen,Dogen and the spirit of Creative inquiry

    Taigen Dan Leighton, Wisdom Publications.
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