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Thread: The most important book about Zen in the West

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    The most important book about Zen in the West

    Yes, guys, a book. Just a simple book. I am thrilled. Cannot explain. I could have written so many pages, I could have never dreamt of so many other pages...Taigen, Taigen Dan Leighton is a great sitter, an inspired translator but this is really for all of us, not Dogen for dummies, not Dogen for University professors, not a fancy Dogen or a Japanese one (can they really read Dogen, I mean understand the implications of its poetic-junk-funk???) ( yes, guys, provocative thought, japanese guys don't really understand Dogen, they repeat empty forms...come and check for yourself!) , a book about Dogen alive here and now in you and me.Just open it, open it at any page, read and you will understand.
    Please open this treasure. Not to treasure it, just to really rock!
    Just pick up this and listen: Rumi, Thoreau, Dogen, Mary Oliver... a feast of guests from all walks of life, time and space, all gathered to break open your heart. BREAK OPEN YOUR HEART!!!

    this book is : Zen questions, Zazen, Dogen, and the spirit of Creative Inquiry...Yes , I know, the title sucks . This is the book i would take to a desert island. I mean it. Get it. Chew it. Make it your own. See the moon, get a real taste of what matters beyond all the would be kenshos and awakenings that are now advertised everywhere.

    You and only You are the one that can make this real. Give it a chance. Come on!

    Up to you, now.



    PS: One more thing, the dance of compassion and wisdom is amazing here. Wit and heart: sharp and broad words flow freely and yet with great precision. Everything is taken care of. Just right.
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