Just to quell, I understand that we in Zen do not refer to any God.

It is in my experience that a dedicated practitioner of most faiths end up with the same awareness; only the language or approach is different. If we can agree in that then allow me to continue...

How the mystic Christians talk of dropping the will or ego, and acting through the will of God. I get it, I dig it, and I can relate to it in my Zen practice. My question comes from having had the word "God" tainted in my own mind; upon hearing it I immediately associate Him with the first Catholic Father I had ever seen.... ie. IDing Him with an external thing.

As I come close to being free of 'myself' from time to time I feel as though my body and mind are in accord with whatever is in front of me. Every action is followed through with no thought of intent. Everything is simply beng done, and there is giddiness, joy, and absolutely no need to be certain of anything. I equate this to the Christian's "God's will."

My question is: how would a Zen practitioner refer to the God that Christians, fellow walkers in the Way, speak of? What is it that they/we are giving our wills up to? How, in relation to Zen verbiage, is a true Christian perceiving God?

It it not my intention to get metaphysical here, nor am I asking advice on my practice. This is, more or less, simply a question about the difference of language between the two practices. Purely theoretical and academic.