Greetings all,

Now that the our website/forum launch is smoothly underway (thanks again to Chris, Kyonin, and team!) it's time to put the Global Service portion of Engaged and Charitable Projects into motion. The Engaged Projects Committee has given lots of good feedback and discussion, Jundo and Taigu have provided guidance throughout the process, and it's time to move forward. The first activity to be "rolled out" will be the Global Service Initiative (anyone want to help me with a friendlier label?) -

1) There will be four Global Service Initiative/Periods per year. Each period will be (loosely) two weeks in length. We have learned in the course of our work that many Treeleafers already engage in community service/charitable projects without drawing any attention to themselves. The purpose of our Global Service endeavor is to create a community of engaged practice at Treeleaf, and to celebrate our practice "out in the world..." It would be neat to experience the fellowship and community of Treeleafers who are engaged all over the world in various forms of engaged practice and selfless service. We will ask folks to try and schedule a service activity within the two week practice periods. For those who are attempting to start a new practice activity, Jundo, Taigu, the Engaged Projects Forum, and Treeleafers are all good resources for ideas and encouragement. Our first Global Service Period will coincide with the beginning of Ango this coming September. The second practice period will be in December of this year.

2) We will encourage Treeleafers (only those who wish to do so) to share their service experiences anonymously by submitting to a moderator (Kyonin and myself) who will then post the submissions on an Engaged Projects Blog/"Magazine" to be established on the Treeleaf website. Even if there are only three or four submissions each Service period we hope to share with one another the type of activities we are engaged in and create some excitement and community in our practice.... one or two of these submissions will be featured in our periodic Treeleaf newsletter (more on this soon).

3) Jundo will kick off the first two Service periods with a talk on engaged service and practice.

4) We will also do a little "housecleaning" and reorganizing of the Engaged Projects Forum to focus on our initial activities. Over time we will "roll out" additional activities. We are very interested in developing a Non-violent Communication program/effort, but only when we have the focus to do so properly with your help. One thing at a time!

That's it for now - Thanks to all the committee members who have contributed time, ideas, and feedback to our discussion. Please continue to share your ideas and ongoing comments. It will be important to "tweak" and refine our project based on experience as we move forward. I also hope all Treeleafers will share their thoughts and questions here as we move forward. Please stay tuned for details regarding dates, etc.