I often relunctantly open my mouth. You have to say something kind of thing. Kobun roshi used to escape from teaching situations.
Words of teachers are given to wash words away, brush thoughts, sweep clouds and hide a white crane in the moon.
Words of teachers are not for necklace making, or just outfits to wear.

Words not to quote. Words to quit our own small and smelly world!!!

These are words striking the very body-bell of IT.
No words is just as good. To remove the posibility to toy away with things is as good
like Buddha on Vulture peak holding a single flower,
like the sound of one hand clapping.

In this Yakusan is second to none, heir of Sekito Kisen, the stone-strong old and fierce lion, he offers an eloquent flesh, blood, bones, marrow to his gaping audience.

You have to investigate the meaning of he, who is he in he sleeps no more?
What is the sound of a real sutra?
What is the real voice of an old monk?

I am often appalled at this chatty mind of mine, at this chatty forum, cosy forum but sometimes too wordy.
Can you express in a few words the virtue of waking up to this?

How many times we loose this wonderful opportunity to shut up? How many times we could just offer a voiceless presence, eloquent voice of being?

Enough said!