Hello all,

I thought I would share something I experienced a couple of weeks ago. After reading the thread about violence and self defense, I thought that those that do practice those arts, whatever they may be, should be looking deeper and deeper into what they do. I recently trained with a very senior teacher in one of the arts I practice who is sadly very,very ill. I'm unclear as to what the outcome will be, but even though this teacher new his prognosis, was on medications with horrible side effects he still showed up to teach and teach well without missing a beat. However, the deep lesson was not in classical martial arts, it was in duty, courage and being here now, at this moment, without words. When is talked is was much about manners, presenting yourself and having the right attitude. He talked about life and relationships and that our practice is nothing without all these attributes. These were the ultimate goals. In the face of life and death I learned and witnessed the profoundness of being here, present, in the moment. There was hardly any talk of his problem, what he is up against. Just letting life be as it is in each breath. This I think has changed my outlook on everything. It was a truly special meeting. I thought I would share.