Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you know if everything is a-ok with the OBC these days? I read some of the previous posts on here but really felt the need to ask.

I'm attending a weekly Serene Reflection Meditation place which is great and have applied to go on a 3 Day Intro Retreat at Throssel Hole in a few months. The problem is I followed a link from Dharma Wheel Forum to a site called OBC Connect and some of the posts about what has gone on in the past really put the wind up me.

I couldn't quite make out if the alleged bad stuff was specific to an Abbey in the USA and a particularly unsavoury former Abbot, or if it was implied the whole organisation was rotten. The posts reminded me of stuff I've heard about a fairly well-known and controversial Tibetan Buddhist off-shoot group.

Gassho Thanks and All The Best from Paul