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Thread: Bendowa study

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    Bendowa study

    As you may know, a few of us will be starting to really dive into the Bendowa. I will start the dokusan in the first week of July and we will first look at the first section that runs until the first question. In this first section the first part is really important in which Dogen speaks about Zazen being the main gate, we will also focus on the final bit ( the bit after Dogen s quick recall of his trip to China and reasons why he is writing this text which doesn t require all our attention). We will spend the whole of July on this section: Heisoku, David, Rimon and Kyonin will meet me mid July,Myoku, Dokan and Daido mid July and end of July, Shohei and Myozan every week of July. Of course, I expect you to do your homework, that is to say to check the meaning of the key expressions and words using Mike Cross's translation, to chew the text like a cow,let the stuff chew you too, to forget the stuff and go on with your life and let the stuff appear where and when you expect it the least.

    That's all really.


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    Looking forward to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myozan Kodo View Post
    Looking forward to it.
    Me too
    Ready to chew!
    Rimon Barcelona, Spain
    "Practice and the goal of practice are identical." [i:auj57aui]John Daido Loori[/i:auj57aui]

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    I'm good to go!

    Thank you, Taigu.
    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    May I participate?
    Will I need Skype or some such?
    In gassho,

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    I will start reading this chapter again next week. Not sure if you allow me for dokusan, but will study Bendowa in any case, its a wonderful chapter and I feel happy, like before visiting an old friend. And I'm ready to find out a bit more about this friend.

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    Sorry Myoku, of course you are in for Dokusan! Twice or once a month, your choice!
    Hi Emmet,Of course you are invited to join the discussion on the forum. Feel welcome!


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    Great, I've already did it, let the text talk to me


    Yang Hsin

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    Thanks Taigu...will chew too. Gassho.
    Heisoku 平 息
    Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. (Basho)

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    @ Myoku.....feeling that Bendowa is an old friend really expresses my feelings too. Thanks for putting it that way.


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm curious what happend with this one ... ? I've been making my way through Bendowa in different translations over summer and got to the commentary "The Wholehearted Way" (by Kosho Uchiyama) later on. It turned out that this book takes me much longer to read than I expected, because its so packed, intense, that I hardly can do more than 2 pages at once. Its immense what depth is in certain parts of Dogens writing, when you have eyes to see.

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    Meet you for dokusan in the coming weeks Myoku, pick up a section you like or puzzles you and let s rock and roll!!!



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