Hi everybody,

I would like to list the reference texts for this Bendowa study cycle.

First and foremost, the Nishijima-cross translation which remains the most precise and faithful to
Dogen s words. I know that Mike doesn t like this version anymore but it is a priceless one in my clouded eyes. Let me say again and again that this work is the result of years of a long donkeywork between the office of Nishijima roshi and Mike s den. Mike Cross crafted it all in remarkable English and it is, without a doubt, his work more than anybody else's.The footnotes are great and you should always refer to it.

The seond one we may use ( if you have got it, it is expensive and not online) is the Kazuaki Tanahashi version, more poetic, more jazzy with its beauties and flaws. But I like it a lot. Just like water flowing from the stream.

The last one is Anzan roshi s work mentionned in a previous post.

I have accepted the following students for dokusan: Shohei, Myozan, Dokan, Daido, Myoku, Heisoku, Kyonin ,Rimon and David.

I have a very limited space and I apologize to anybody willing to chat with my stupid self.

Take care