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    Hi All,

    Welcome back, everyone, to our Forum ... the same as before, but different ... different but the same.

    Things are still a bit of CHAOS as we learn new functions and where things are. It is a very much like moving into a new house, but everything is still in boxes, we haven't put everything where it is supposed to go, and I can't find the can opener!

    Please bear with us and be patient these first days as we figure stuff out, get things organized and bring some new functions online.

    The first new feature I would like to introduce is a new daily thread called "Jundo and Taigu Recommend These Threads" today, containing threads that Jundo and Taigu encourage you to read. This is meant to help newcomers and people who have been away for awhile quickly find threads, teachings and discussions that we think deserve a look. Folks in the past complained that they could not find or tell one thread from another, and what was worth looking at first, among all going on. This new section should help point people to where to look first. Taigu and I hope to update the "hot topics" listed there every day or so. I encourage everyone each day to make the "Jundo and Taigu Recommend These Threads" section the first place you look when logging in here any day. HERE IS THE LINK:

    Also, a good first place to go each day is the "New Posts" tab found at the upper left corner of the Forum screen. That will take you to all new posts since your last visit.

    In the coming days, Taigu and I and our technical wizards will introduce other new features of this place.

    And to say it again ...

    Taigu and I wish to thank the people who have been working so hard for weeks and months on this ... tirelessly and selflessly through often long hours, donating their professional skills and expertise ... locating, mastering and installing the new software, designing and redesigning the user interfaces, solving 1001 technical problems that came up along the way, especially Chris (ChristhatisChris), Morelos (Kyonin/Choco), Dokan and Shohei. I would also like to thank the other folks who have been involved in several accompanying projects happening as part of these changes, especially Yugen who is involved in so many things, Willow and the rest of the members of the "Engaged and Charitable Projects Committee", the "TREELEAF 2.0 Committee" and "Sticky Committee", and our novice priests Mongen the film maker, Fugen, Shinkai, Myozan and Dosho who were involved all through providing input.


    Gassho, Jundo

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    Hello New Treeleaf, welcome!

    Am I the first poster?

    Wow, this place is sparkling!

    A million gassho to the Treeleafers that have put so much hard work into making our new home!

    Now I'm gonna go 'splorin'!

    "The Girl Dragon Demon", the random Buddhist name generator calls have been warned.

    Feed your good wolf.

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    a new day, a new face
    Thank you and Gassho

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    `**~~It has been quite a while / since I could experience your brightness / now you've got a brighter smile / and I think I'm going to like it ~~ **
    "The Girl Dragon Demon", the random Buddhist name generator calls have been warned.

    Feed your good wolf.

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    Welcome back to all !!!



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    Jan 2012
    Yuba City, California, USA
    Great to see people trickling in.

    Please let me know if anyone has any immediate 'non-issues' they have. Just PM me.


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    Thank you, this is pretty exciting stuff.


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    Very nice!
    Not all those that wander are lost- JRR Tolkien

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    It's great to be back!


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    Looks awesome...welcome back everyone!

    Although we never really left.


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    Hello everyone,

    I bow deeply to all those tech wizards who shared their precious time and skills with our Sangha (since they are part of it). Once more thank you.

    All the best and gassho,

    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Congratulations with this good looking new home , I still smell smoking processors.
    I will sit for a while finding the right buttons . Thanks to the team for a great job .

    Last edited by Ronchan; 06-14-2012 at 09:31 AM.
    With gentleness overcome anger. With generosity overcome meanness. With truth overcome deceit.

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    Very cool! Thanks to everyone for their hard work!!

    P.s. My email from the forums ended up in my Spam folder--might want to put a warning for people to check there on the main TL site.

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    Good stuff and I'm glad Trealeaf is back.

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    Hi guys! Yes! Welcome back to Treeleaf

    Please also be sure to check the new homepage!

    (Keep in mind that it's still a work in progress)
    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Wahooooo!! 👍
    Ho (Dharma)
    Yu (Hot Water)

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    Thank you to everyone who made it happen! Let's make good use of it!

    PS. I like the new emoticon called "emptiness"

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    Wow that was fast! So glad to be back. I hope Jundo & Taigu had a nice (but brief) rest.

    Deep gassho to all involved...thank you.

    We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
    ~Anas Nin

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    Awesome work! Thank you so much to Kyonin, Chris (christhatischris), Dokan, Yugen, Dosho and all who lent their expertise!



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    It's good to be back! Like the new look! Thank you once again to Kyonin, Chris, Shohei, and Dokan!


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    Hello all,

    Wow! Everything looks great! I'm just feeling my way around...glad to be back! Great job to everyone involved in this process.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    Thank you, this is pretty exciting stuff.

    As zen buddhists are we supposed to be excited? haha. Just a wondering thought.

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    made it through to the other side. wonderful site!

    edit: whoops, time to fix my profile info


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    Hello everyone,

    Wow ... Christmas in June! Thank you everybody for your hard work ... you have done an amazing job. It is nice to see everybody.


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    Looks very nice! Thanks to all who worked hard on this effort.


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    Great job guys and thanks

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    Redding California USA
    Very Nice!!!

    (I think I found the can-opener! Oops, nope that's a screwdriver)

    Meido Shugen
    明道 修眼

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    Yay, I made it in! Great work guys, can't wait to explore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchess View Post
    As zen buddhists are we supposed to be excited? haha. Just a wondering thought.
    I hope so, can you imagine life without excitement.

    Drinking tea and eating rice.

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    Jinho revived
    Greetings all, and much gratitude to all.


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    woohoo, finally in... or not in. its all zazen! (this place looks clean and cool now!)

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    Wow, this looks great on the iPhone...much nicer! Thanks for the upgrade.


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    Tones of gratitude to all the people who has made this new website possible. It is certainly awesome.

    Gassho, gassho gaaaaaaaashoooooo!
    Rimon Barcelona, Spain
    "Practice and the goal of practice are identical." [i:auj57aui]John Daido Loori[/i:auj57aui]

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    It is great to be back; you guys did one hell of a job!

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    This is an exceptional site!!!
    Many thanks to all involved.
    Heisoku 平 息
    Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. (Basho)

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    Great job! Especially coming back on line so quickly. Gassho, Grace.

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    I'm in and I love the minimalistic theme... so clean and serene!

    I did have to enter my birthdate in order to save my location and Skype name... thank goodness I can hide it, too!



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    Excellent work!!
    Thanks and a big gassho to all the sangha members that made it possible…
    I promise to myself that the new look of the reborn forum 2.0, will serve to motivating me to participate a lot more…
    So I hope you will “see” me more around here in next time.
    Please forgive any mistake in my writing. Like in Zen, in English I am only a beginner.

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    Life is our temple and its all good practice

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    Looks great !!

    Can Opener?? heck, I can't find my new face:02.47-tranquillity:
    合掌 仁道 生開 - gassho, Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    日々是好日 【nichi nichi korego nichi】Every Day is a Good Day!!

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    Lookin' good
    和 Harmony
    秀 Excellence

    "Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body" George Carlin Roshi

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    thanks for the reset Chris,
    the first one did not work,
    so now i can enter too
    _/|\_ Gassho with deeply respect
    慈 ji 氣 ki : Energy of Compassion

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    I love this new look of our Sangha, but especially this --->

    Thank you to all who put their efforts to make this new Treeleaf 2.0

    This will air in the next episode of "Pimp my Zendo"???
    Thank you for your practice

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    Looks wonderful.... Thank you everyone for providing this wonderful resource!

    Gassho. kojip

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    seem to be having trouble signing in - so just testing

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    Took a while for me to figure out how to get in and am still "getting my sea-legs". There are a couple of places I cannot seem to get to...yet, and who says you can't return to your youth....I've once again become a "junior" member...who needs Grecian Formula


    Seishin Kyrill

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    Finally got time to sort a few things out. Thank you to all who contributed to this new look and;
    Kyrill , be thankful you have something to use that Grecian Formula on
    合掌 仁道 生開 - gassho, Jindo Shokai "Open to life in a benevolent way"
    日々是好日 【nichi nichi korego nichi】Every Day is a Good Day!!

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    It would be really cool if that emoticon were an enso... :-)

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    The thing is that our language and our thinking is so primitive, so limited. My excitement may be totally different than your excitement. At age 65 and after practicing for well over ten years my excitement is much different than it was when I was young and enjoyed the excitement of being attached to new things and new people and new ideas. I can go and sit by a brook and experience a wonderful feeling of oneness and no-self. Maybe my feeling at thinking about how fortunate I am to have found my way here could be called excitement but it's nothing like one who is excited over a new car or a new lover. After we have studied and practiced we understand our emotions and our feelings and even while experiencing them we are detached from them to a degree. We watch our own feelings and emotions almost like watching a movie. We are free from them and they cannot cause us suffering. What do you think?

    With Metta,


    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    I hope so, can you imagine life without excitement.


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