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The thing is that our language and our thinking is so primitive, so limited. My excitement may be totally different than your excitement. At age 65 and after practicing for well over ten years my excitement is much different than it was when I was young and enjoyed the excitement of being attached to new things and new people and new ideas. I can go and sit by a brook and experience a wonderful feeling of oneness and no-self. Maybe my feeling at thinking about how fortunate I am to have found my way here could be called excitement but it's nothing like one who is excited over a new car or a new lover. After we have studied and practiced we understand our emotions and our feelings and even while experiencing them we are detached from them to a degree. We watch our own feelings and emotions almost like watching a movie. We are free from them and they cannot cause us suffering. What do you think?

With Metta,

Yes Robert, I'm not as excited by the sound of the approaching ice cream van as I was 30 years ago yet more excited now by the arrival of a new book.