Hi All,

Welcome back, everyone, to our Forum ... the same as before, but different ... different but the same.

Things are still a bit of CHAOS as we learn new functions and where things are. It is a very much like moving into a new house, but everything is still in boxes, we haven't put everything where it is supposed to go, and I can't find the can opener!

Please bear with us and be patient these first days as we figure stuff out, get things organized and bring some new functions online.

The first new feature I would like to introduce is a new daily thread called "Jundo and Taigu Recommend These Threads" today, containing threads that Jundo and Taigu encourage you to read. This is meant to help newcomers and people who have been away for awhile quickly find threads, teachings and discussions that we think deserve a look. Folks in the past complained that they could not find or tell one thread from another, and what was worth looking at first, among all going on. This new section should help point people to where to look first. Taigu and I hope to update the "hot topics" listed there every day or so. I encourage everyone each day to make the "Jundo and Taigu Recommend These Threads" section the first place you look when logging in here any day. HERE IS THE LINK:


Also, a good first place to go each day is the "New Posts" tab found at the upper left corner of the Forum screen. That will take you to all new posts since your last visit.

In the coming days, Taigu and I and our technical wizards will introduce other new features of this place.

And to say it again ...

Taigu and I wish to thank the people who have been working so hard for weeks and months on this ... tirelessly and selflessly through often long hours, donating their professional skills and expertise ... locating, mastering and installing the new software, designing and redesigning the user interfaces, solving 1001 technical problems that came up along the way, especially Chris (ChristhatisChris), Morelos (Kyonin/Choco), Dokan and Shohei. I would also like to thank the other folks who have been involved in several accompanying projects happening as part of these changes, especially Yugen who is involved in so many things, Willow and the rest of the members of the "Engaged and Charitable Projects Committee", the "TREELEAF 2.0 Committee" and "Sticky Committee", and our novice priests Mongen the film maker, Fugen, Shinkai, Myozan and Dosho who were involved all through providing input.


Gassho, Jundo