Our TREELEAF SANGHA FORUM & WEBSITE WILL BE CLOSED and UNAVAILABLE from around JUNE 11th to allow for a software upgrade, data move and the installation of new features upon OUR REBIRTH A FEW DAYS (probably 3 to 5 days) LATER!

And there is a very good reason:

The work is intended to make our Sangha more "user-non-user friendly", improve accessibility, availability of resources, mutual communication and understanding for both new members and old hands. We hope that these select changes, additions and software upgrades will make all our Sangha folks feel even more at home in this community, and make Treeleaf an even more welcoming, simpler to navigate and effective place for Zen Practice. Some of the changes and additions will be available immediately or soon after we "come back on the air". Other additions and new features will be phased in over the days and weeks thereafter. We will introduce the new features as they "come online", but we are sure most of you will like them and will find them helpful, envigorating to your Zen Practice, and often just plain "COOL!" 8)

Most of the changes will actually be quite subtle, and some will come a bit later than our return. Many of the changes are just in the software, and the hidden part of the programming for a forum and webpage that can't be seen (but is the inner machinery of this place). It will still be Treeleaf Community Forum, not so radically different from what we have now.


Taigu and I wish to thank the people who have been working so hard for weeks and months on this ... tirelessly and selflessly through often long hours, donating their professional skills and expertise ... locating, mastering and installing the new software, designing and redesigning the user interfaces, solving 1001 technical problems that came up along the way, especially Chris (ChristhatisChris), Morelos (Kyonin/Choco), Dokan and Shohei. I would also like to thank the other folks who have been involved in several accompanying projects happening as part of these changes, especially Yugen who is involved in so many things, Willow and the rest of the members of the "Engaged and Charitable Projects Committee", the "TREELEAF 2.0 Committee" and "Sticky Committee", and our novice priests Mongen the film maker, Fugen, Shinkai, Myozan and Dosho who were involved all through providing input.


... our TREELEAF 2.0 ... a small step on the road to the 3-D Holographic Zen Hall that I expect we will someday soon be!

[*] I will be reposting this notice several times in the coming days!

Gassho, Jundo (and Taigu too)