I'm not quite sure what to call this if anything but would appreciate the opinions of my brothers and sisters in the Dharma and, of course, from Rev. Jundo or Taigu. I have become familiar with the mind's wriggling like a fish out of water during zazen and have entrusted the entire process to the posture, trying to open the fist of the mind when it closes tightly and I forget myself. Today, however, for the first time since I began this practice again I seemed to have stumbled upon a safe port in the storm---I stumbled into a present moment that was peaceful and yet completely ordinary. I don't want to dress it up too much because as soon as it appeared it was was out again by the torrential downpour of thoughts and mental proliferation but I feel as if I know what to look for now in the spaces between breathes and thoughts...any thoughts? Thank you everyone for helping to create this community and be well!