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    For my students

    Hi everybody,

    My deepest wish is to transmit the teachings and empower people. Some of you will become teachers one day, may be, some won't. Remember that my deepest wish is to set you free .

    Because some people asked, here it is. I cannot speak for my Dharma relative and brother in Treeleaf, Jundo, but I would like to list the directions I would like to point out, what I do require from people who are willing to study with me:

    First and foremost a complete and utter dedication to sitting.
    To give your life to the okesa, sewing it, wearing it, giving it, sharing it. And to learn to even relinquish any attachment to it seeing in every corner of this boundless universe the corner of a single-yet-multiple kesa.
    To study texts and sutras but also to walk the walk.
    To get back on track if you loose your way.
    To surrender to Kannon as she-he-it comes, in whatever form. And laugh and cry with life as it is.
    To give your body-mind to the unknown, to "I don't know"
    To manifest again and again ZETSUGAKU MUI NO SHINJIN as expressed by Dogen in the Fukanzazengi: "a true person beyond study and the intention to achieve".
    To be ready not to be attached to my teaching or form and follow not me as Taigu but what I myself follow: so study and practice with other teachers are seen as important.
    This one pearl-universe, this single jewel has many sides. Understand that what we point out is yours already from the very start.
    To sit at least one retreat within a community or sitting group a year.
    To not play the teacher or be willing to teach and preach too early. Years of ripening are necessary, the more eager you are to teach, the less you will be given possibility to teach :twisted: .

    That's about it ...If you are willing to formally become my student, this is what you have to expect and do. Yoou may get in touch if you would like to discuss this possibilty.



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    Though I fall down; deep appreciation, Taigu.



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    Thanks a lot Jundo and Taigu Senseis for nourish our practice with this extremly clear list...
    I will print it, and put it available to see it every day... and of course do it.

    Please forgive any mistake in my writing. Like in Zen, in English I am only a beginner.

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    Thank you Taigu. i especially liked the fact you said most won't meet this criteria but it is something to strive to.
    i consider myself a buddhist. but to be honest i have probably lost track of that definition. i can not say what i am but myself.
    i sit daily (i miss a sitting very rarely) but thats pretty much all i do. i try to live my life according to my best understanding of the way but with time i have lost the intellectual pursuit and found only life. i live my life but nothing more i dont think of it as anything but what it is. as Jundo says drop all resistance to life and just live ( Jundo forgive me if my paraphrasing lost the original meaning).
    i might not be a formal student or an informal or anything else. but i do consider you and Jundo my teachers and treeleaf my home. for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Gassho, Dojin.
    I gained nothing at all from supreme enlightenment, and for that very reason it is called supreme enlightenment
    - the Buddha

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