Brooms, spoons, phones
And behind
Kannon s hands and eyes

Just being caught into the fires of life, getting through a very bumpy patch , I am reminded of the great kindness and endless freedom of Kanzeon very much alive in many of you guys as well as in the heart and action of simple people I meet on my way. And opening my eyes I see how compassion has three faces: wisdom, love and action. Without action you only find pity, without wisdom only clumsy and panicking attempts, without love a very dry manipulatipn of reality. These three faces cannot be planned or cultivated, they arise together as one at the same time. You cannot do it with your head or with your hands or heart only, you are compassion as the living Buddha sits with mind, body and bodhi.

If you dislike this teaching or think I am talking bullshit, aim the arrow at yourself, break your own heart and find the hidden boddhisatva in your own bag of skin!!!