Case 3 never ends, yet now comes ...

CASE 4 - The World-Honored One Points To The Earth

A temple is built by a blade of grass, every grass-tip and every grain of dust holding all the earth, all the Buddha's body, all time and space ...

Our theme here at Treeleaf is "All of Life is our Temple" ...

Can we learn to see every bit of this life and world, every inch, as Sacred, one's Practice Place, the Temple?

QUESTIONS: What place, action or person in your life could you come to see as Sacred, one's Practice Place, the Temple, though presently hard to see as such?

In fact, what part of your life do you feel could never be Sacred, one's Practice Place, the Temple, no matter how much you try?

Gassho, J

PS - A couple of notes:

- We've decided to close (lock) the discussion on older 'Book of Equanimity' threads after 2 or 3 weeks so that we all are together, and don't have a dozen conversations going on at once. Newcomers can just jump in where we are, and also read the Koans and discussion that came before.

- Taigu and I think the hard schedule of posting a new Koan each Friday is a bit forced, so we will let the schedule be a bit more fluid and organic. In other words, we may let some threads go on for some days or longer ... until the moment is right to move on.