Dear All,

I hope all will join in watching, witnessing and sharing today's "Shukke Tokudo" priest ordination of Shinkai and Dosho ... conducted by Jundo. This is an important moment for any Buddhist Sangha, and a time for celebration. Congratulations to our new ordainees! We also re-welcome Myozan, ordained by Taigu at our last Retreat, as the three together become our new novice priests in training. They join our current novices, Mongen, Shohei and Fugen, their older brothers.

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Be sure to toggle to "FULL SCREEN" for the full effect (the little button on the lower right of the Youtube screen)

The ceremony is traditional, yet groundbreaking ... for we believe it is only the second time (both at Treeleaf) that a Buddhist Ordination has been performed simultaneously across the world (today with Jundo in Japan, and our ordainees in New York and Texas) ... yet face to face and heart to heart ... beyond here there, now or then.

I will have more information tomorrow, as I am a bit tired from showing our visiting Dokan a little around Tsukuba today. I thank him very much for his able and attentive assistance during the ceremony as Jikido.

Another view of the scene, taken on Google plus with several of our Sangha members watching, is here ...

[youtube] [/youtube]

Gassho, Jundo