It is Jundo's question that is intimate for me..

Could/can you still manage to diligently and sincerely pursue the activities nonetheless (like Bodhidharma so diligently sitting for so long) working toward its successful accomplishment?

Is this just "going with the flow"? I don't think so. Some things require the rousing of energy and inspiration on demand, placing this against that, and putting our backs into it. There are times all honesty... denying that an outcome is deeply important to us, is just kidding ourselves. So can there still be that fully human passion ...that total involvement, and "Great Space Nothing Holy"...... at once ? That is what this is about for me, it has to be. It is all fine on the cushion, or on retreat where I just follow a schedule. But in a life of many responsibilities that must be met every day...

Gassho kojip.