Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to get some of your advice on how you deal with the hindrances of restlessness and sleepiness/sloth during shikantaza. I have been sitting regularly and usually at night after the kids have gone to bed. Unsurprisingly there is a lot of sleepiness there and I find it necessary to play with the breath and otherwise resist the experience in order to keep from falling flat on my face. When I am doing my formal metta bhavana practice in the AM this seems called for but I feel that struggling in this way somehow doesn't fit with shikantaza.

The other hindrance I experience most often when just-sitting is that of restlessness ad anxiety. Sharp stabs of panic pierce my gut as my mind races through "Am I doing this right? Why am I doing this? Maybe I should do it this way...." Opening and softening has so far been the best way for me to keep myself from being carried away by the emotions and fears here but I would appreciate any of your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you again for the beautiful community you have created. Metta.