Just coming back over here to Treeleaf has brought something to mind. Pontus made a great joke in the Koan study thread about wanting a gold star for getting it "right"... and ... man if that isn't true to some degree. I posted something in "Taigu's Bulls".. and Taigu reponded positively. That positive response from a teacher...it means a lot to me, yet I squirm when I get it.

.. There is a moment at the end of the movie "Babe" when the little pig competes with the sheep dogs at the county fair... and gets a ribbon. Then he runs over to the farmer and looks up at him beaming.. The tall farmer looks down at the little piggy, smiles, and says .. "That'll do pig". My wife and I watched that not long ago, and we both got choked up, before laughing about being that little pig. There has always been this good wise boy/ bad unwise boy thing when it comes to Dharma teachers. It is silly, and I know better... but still there is this kid that wants the teacher to say.. "That'll do pig". It has resulted in alot of running away and coming back over the years.

...can anyone relate?