Hello everyone,

I have finally found a Zen center near me! (vistazencenter.com) Of course I don't intend to leave Treeleaf, but I would like the opportunity to get involved in some local practice.

I emailed the teacher there, and he told me it was the White Plum lineage. Seems fairly similar to our style of practice from reading their website, but if anyone has some information on that group and how they operate, I would appreciate any experiences or advice. I will be doing a bit of study myself, but I feel kind of like I am jumping into a pool without knowing how deep it is.

I have never been able to sit in a zendo before and I am a little unsure of myself. What is the usual etiquette? How do I refer to the teacher there? Do I bow when I meet him? Do I take off my shoes? Should I show up wearing my rakusu or should I put it on after I arrive? What about my dharma name? Do I use it? I don't have my own zafu... will it be likely for them to have extras? I really have no idea what I'm doing and I feel like a beginner all over again. I am spoiled on home practice. ops: I know a lot of these questions seem silly, but they are running through my head nonetheless.