This is likely very flawed, but is the best way I can think to describe my point at the end of the Zen and God thread:

The principal of Non-Duality is like this: A bar magnet is a single magnet. This is the original nature, the source, reality, at-one-ment, suchness. But to say there is no negative or positive force is foolish. We know this to be true. Such is the way with right and wrong, good and evil, God and Mara, etc. All One, all the same suchness, yet there are polarities to all of existence. Note the lines of magnetic force and the symbol they resemble.

The continual circle, which may have points in opposition along it’s continual surface is the same. All one, all the same, nothing to add or take away, all suchness. Yet standing on one point of the circle polarizes the opposing point.

And yet still, they are One. Co-existent, unable to be removed from one another without the cessation of existence of them both. Not Two, Not One. It is so much MORE than One, but never many, never divided, never Two.