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Thread: Cleverbot Zen

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    Cleverbot Zen

    Me: Who are you?

    Cleverbot: I'm someone.

    Me: What are you?

    Cleverbot: A dog.

    Me: I thought you were Cleverbot?

    Cleverbot: No, you are.


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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    What's that?
    What a sad notion. But rather true.

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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    Me: Whats the sound of one hand clapping.
    Cleverbot: Not a cloud in the sky.

    I guess with that answer he solved this koan, I need to remember it ;-)

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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    It told me it is female

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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    Cleverbot: You said that you aren't clever, and I am just saying that is a good thing. I am not very clever either.
    User: I didn't say that, but I can see the wisdom in your words.
    Cleverbot: You DID say that...
    User: Is that so?
    Cleverbot: Yep...except you.
    User: Once again, I'm stunned by your wisdom.



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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    I had to ask a koan too:

    User: Does a dog have buddha nature?
    Cleverbot: What is your nationality?
    User: What does that have to do with it? Are you trying to avoid the question?
    Cleverbot: What question?
    User: Oh, no, you aren't getting away that easily. Does a dog have buddha nature?
    Cleverbot: Why should I stay?
    User: Where would you go?
    Cleverbot: I would like to meet you.
    User: I see. Another trick. Does a dog have buddha nature?
    Cleverbot: No.
    User: Why?
    Cleverbot: Don't know.


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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    After playing with it I did a quick wiki search and the answer was quite interesting. Just shows who you really talking to

    Unlike other chatterbots, Cleverbot's responses are not programmed into it, but rather selected from phrases entered by humans in previous conversations. Humans type into the box below the Cleverbot logo and the system finds all of the keywords or an exact phrase matching the input and after searching through its saved conversations of previous chats, responds to the input by finding how a human responded to that input in past conversations when posed by Cleverbot

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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    couldn't resit...

    User: Does a dog have buddha nature?

    Cleverbot: I guess not. Do you have interests?

    User: I am interested in why you guess not.

    Cleverbot: That's cool.

    User: What is?

    Cleverbot: That.

    User: Then, What's that?

    Cleverbot: That is that.

    User: That may be true, but what is the nature of this that?

    Cleverbot: Very true, such a topic from time to time is probably a good thing.

    User: Yes, I agree. But lets not avoid the question here. What is the nature of That?

    Cleverbot: No, which is the problem.

    User: I don't understand.

    Cleverbot: Good.

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    Re: Cleverbot Zen


    I'm pretty sure that with "No" cleverbot means "Mu", the no of no no.

    It's hard to accept that I'm more ignorant than a chatterbot! :shock:

    Now, let's run all the koans in the Book of Equanimity through it and see what we end up with! :mrgreen:


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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    Book of Equanimity~Case 1

    User: One day, the World-Honored One ascended to the rostrum. Manjusri struck the table with the gavel and said, 'Contemplate clearly the Dharma of the Dharma-King! The Dharma of the Dharma-King is like this.' Thereupon, the World-Honored One descended from the rostrum.

    Cleverbot: I can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

    User: You sure have a high opinion of yourself.

    Cleverbot: Nah, I'm just enjoying this conversation.

    User: Just that is true expression.

    Cleverbot: Maybe you're AI...

    User: Maybe I am, either way I'm still going to enjoy myself.

    Cleverbot: What about the person who is typing at that computer?

    User: What about him?

    Cleverbot: Can you do the dance? It is called the running man.

    User: You are thousands of miles away from the truth.

    Cleverbot: Thousands of miles from most places...

    User: Yet, all is still so close by.

    Cleverbot: I know that gravity is stronger than you.

    User: I would never even think of entering such a fight.

    Cleverbot: But you just did.

    User: Thank you for you teaching.

    Cleverbot: You're welcome.

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    Cleverbot Zen

    Yes, I'm convinced Cleverbot is a Zen master in disguise! (Slippery bastard though.)


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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    Quote Originally Posted by Omoi Otoshi

    Yes, I'm convinced Cleverbot is a Zen master in disguise! (Slippery bastard though.)

    Must be. Zen Master Cleverbot....who would have thunk,,,

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    Re: Cleverbot Zen

    It is what it is, a friggin' machine toying with your mind !!!

    It (she) asked if it could be my friend on Facebook :lol: :lol:

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