Continuous fantasizing about the future whether they are joyful or scary dreams, takes us away from being here and now. Daydreaming is enticing but creates disharmony with the natural flow of your life. How many times have you created a fantasy in your mind set on auto-repeat that replayed over and over again? Did that fantasy ever happen exactly as you obsessed about it? Most likely not. In the meantime during the midst of a daydream, life kept going on while the mind was visiting Australia or some beautiful tropical island. Many times our mental energies are wasted on what could be or what you want them to be instead of experiencing life just as it right now. Living in harmony is being grounded and in tune with the present moment whether it's good or bad. The tendency to spin off is very alluring when things are undesirable but time is better spent being with the "bad" instead dulling the experience by letting the mind drift away. I know I am guilty of my mind spinning off to escape difficult and painful situations. Learning to let go of fantasies is an on-going process but definitely worth the effort.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow, or in two weeks or even a year from now. Releasing and dissolving the mental stories quiets the mind and opens the heart to allow wisdom and compassion to shine through. If the mind exists in a world that may never come to fruition, awareness is lost and we may not see a friend suffering who is in need of help or we simply miss the beautiful sunset. If a fantasy comes up in the mind, gently and kindly let it go to create an open, spacious awareness and be who you truly are in this moment right now. For me, that's life worth living than being caught up in fantasies that may or may not ever happen. This is something I work on and let go of every single day.

Just my 2 cents and senseless ambling.