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    Google+ Tonight

    I wanted to share a brief story about G+ tonight.

    After putting my daughter to bed, I sat some zazen with Shugen and Chuck's friend Michael Love. Afterwards I decided to do some sewing practice and thought I'd open it up on G+ as well. I was joined by ChristhatisChris. With a small gassho and a wave he began his sit and I continued my silent sewing. For me, it was wonderful. I had been sewing about an hour by that point, but when he joined my Hangout, I felt a singular focus on my sewing. I was actually a little bummed out when he was done. Deep bows to Chris. It was truly a pleasure to "sit" with you.

    I will continue to host my sewing on G+. Being a silent practice, my mic will stay muted but please feel free to join me, either sewing or sitting!



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    Re: Google+ Tonight

    Deep gassho to you Dokan.

    I felt the same way and shared my sit with you with my Wife. I hadn't read into the detail of your Google post and was a little surprised to find your sewing. It caught me a little off guard as you might have been able to tell. :shock: Having said that, I really enjoyed watching your practice. The slow repetition of your mindful needlework was inspiring. I quite look forward to practicing toward that.


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