Taigu wrote:

"For instance if we give you a pointer, a teaching of some sort, you are invited to put it to practice before opening your mouth and not throw praises and criticisms before the reality check".

Thanks again for your words. I think I will stick to a simple gassho or "thanks" when commenting on Talks I've just watched until I've had time to really let the words seep into my bones, at which time more commentary may be warranted. That way, at least, you and Jundo know I am watching!

P.S. This seems to be a perennial problem for students. Just came across this in Shobogenzo Zuimonki recently

Dogen Zenji wrote:

"These days, many people who are learning the Way listen to a talk on the dharma, and above all want their teacher to know that they have a correct understanding and want to give good replies. This is why the words they listen to go in one ear and out the other. They still lack bodhi-mind and remain self-centered.
First of all, forget your ego and listen quietly to what others say, and later ponder it well. Then, if you find some faults or have some doubts, you may make criticism. When you have grasped the point, you should present your understanding to your teacher. Waiting to claim immediate understanding shows that you are not really listening to the dharma".

Kaishin / Matt / ??

Kaishin dug well our old guy's teachings and did found a wonderful nugget, the kind of nugget that remains unnoticed and left aside as it does not appeal to Dharma Hungry ghosts. Most people are very sincere people here, willing to study and practice, and this quote of Dogen is for them. Listening takes a simple and yet difficult thing, to surf the silence that follows the words or actions, to look deeply into the one thousand aspects of Life-Kannon and just bear witness. To answer too quickly is just to stay within the good old self in Buddhist disguise. To leave this self, drop this self, forget this self, one has to just observe the ripples created by the Dharma. It might take a few days, weeks, a lifetime or many more.

Please, feel free to reflect and share your experience of listening. You don't have to wait for years :lol: