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    the dream

    In not-a-single-thing lies an inexhaustible treasure:
    you ll find flowers, the moon and even a pagoda.

    Ku zoku ze shiki...

    The more expectations you have, the more limited and restricted your universe becomes. It shrinks to fit the goal you have given yourself. Drop expectations in this mushotoku gesture, dropping end gaining and ideas of profit, and suddenly you are met by reality itself. Who gets in the way? Who prevents you for seeing directly and intimately? This real thing you meet, where is it? Where does it come from?

    In Japan, the kanji dream, yume 夢, is often used and cherished by Zen teachers. Of course, it refers to the dreamy quality of our existence, to the fleeting and beautifully changing thing we call life, but it also celebrates the fact that you will meet what you have dreamt. The dream gives birth to what comes to you. You, in the dream within the dream, are actively producing what is around you. To wake up is not necessarily to wake up from the dream, far from it, to wake up is to clearly see that dream and reality are not two. Dogen writes deeply about this. And you may start now to experience it deeply.




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