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Thread: Absolutely useless today

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    Absolutely useless today

    A saying attributed to Dahui and paraphrased by Leighton in his translation of Eihei Koroku:

    Superior monks practice zazen in the monks' hall;
    Middling monks compose verses about snow;
    Inferior monks sit around the fire and talk about food-

    I have read and composed awkward verses about snow today as winter fades; I have sat around and talked about what to eat; and I am now headed to the Zendo to sit zazen. I have had an absolutely full and useless day. There is happiness and sadness, illness, and health. The sun sets on another day. I am alive and swim in the ocean of being; having left no trace. May every day be such.


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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    Thankyou Yugen - I'll second that 8)



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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    Superior and inferior is not a question. Only can we do that with discriminating mind. When the time comes to sit in the Zen hall for countless kalpa, we'll do that.

    But he does have a point. Practice is not practice if you don't do the practice. Practice is enlightenment, be lamp onto yourself. Practice for all sentient beings and see the outcome that it brings. but day in and day out, we do the same, only a thousand different ways.

    I am not better then you if a I sit for nine thousand eons in the lotus posture. I am better then you because "I" is gone, and there is no better at all. Nothing stained.

    edit: And remember today is a series of moments. Not a full day.


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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    Dogen warned against "falling into the black mountain," i.e., discriminating between superior and inferior monks.... so, to your point. Dogen has a wonderful habit of taking one position and then arguing against it elsewhere.... yet it still makes sense...!

    Quote Originally Posted by will
    And remember today is a series of moments. Not a full day.
    I'm with you on this. I was just admiring the sunset. 8)


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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    Be all kinds of monks at all times.
    Or not.
    It all fits.

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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    thankyou Al - that will be my thought for today.


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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    Never useless and never too useful.

    Just is what is.

    As the sun goes down and I watch darkness take over the land, all I see is light.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Absolutely useless today

    Thank you for sharing, Yugen.

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