Don't feel insecure that you don't go to a brick and mortar zendo every week to listen to a dharma talk. Don't worry that your practice is not sincere. You're here, and that intention makes you sincere about the Way.

In Zen we sometimes elaborate on the idea of nothing-special. Read whole books about it, even! But in a way, going to a center to take time out that's separate, pure, and holy, is glorifying specialness and uniqueness. Sitting in a holy place, with other spiritual people, fetishizes the unusual. Most of us will never be able to expend the time and effort it takes in our own lives to transform a monastery or practice center from novel and unique to mundane and everyday. Don't be disheartened!

I don't point it out to say that we should elevate the trash bins and the messy kids instead - I just call attention to it to remind myself that the real authenticity happens when you don't elevate anything above anything else.

You're here, this is your practice, and this is your home. Now drop your baggage at the door, turn around, and go back into the world. Your voice is needed.