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Thread: Strengthening the ties.

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    Strengthening the ties.

    It is my view that for Treeleaf to succeed,I suggest we need to strengthen the bonds between ourselves, more communication, more direct contact, more keeping in touch with eachother. I'm writing this because it struck me, Jundo and Taigu are transient as-well... There are ministers in training, that's great but the "future" is a unknown, the more you focus on having a certain type of reality, the stronger and stronger it gets it seems so lets make the Treeleaf reality as strong as possible. Dana isn't asked for nor is there a fee to join Treeleaf and it shouldn't be taken for granted I think. I don't like donning my danger hat too much as that's also a dangerous road but the world is in a dangerous of a state, Massive earthquakes everywhere, political strife, economic strife, continuing destruction of the natural enviorment and it's effects, we all know what's going on to different degree's..

    I'd like to give my own wink since I'm also part of the Universe, I wink at the unrelenting growth and transformation of Treeleaf into something that is able to more effectively make wise and compassionate change possible in the larger field of things. I wink at the most rapid, yet at ease progression of the path of everyone here. May every sentient being, every-thing enter Nirvana without any delay.

    Deep bow,

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    Re: Strengthening the ties.


    You are posting so much so fast ... and now you have deleted most of your own posts ... I get the feeling that something is happening. You head seems to be filled with so much.

    Is something up? I also get the sense that you have not slept, because you have been posting all day.

    We need to talk ... please arrange to Skype with me as soon as you can. Here are times, but I can arrange a special time if you need.


    Until we talk, I would like you to slow down, take a breather. I want to make sure all is okay for you, my friend.

    Gassho, Jundo

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