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Thread: Paranirvana Day

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    Paranirvana Day

    I can't find much detail about where/how this is celebrated. Any comments?

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    Re: Paranirvana Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaishin

    I can't find much detail about where/how this is celebrated. Any comments?
    Hi Matt,

    In Japan, the holiday has almost no public recognition or commemoration at all, and most average Japanese have never heard of it (Valentine's Day is huge in Japan, though! :wink: ). However, within many temples and monasteries, some special rituals are conducted over a series of days around this time of year marking the "non-death" (Parinirvana) of the historical Buddha. For example, a very intricate ceremony is performed each year at the larger monasteries with all the incense, bowing, bells and whistles, and includes this intonation (in Japanese, of course!) ...

    The pure body of the dharma realm
    fundamentally has no emerging or disappearing.
    The power of the vow of great compassion
    is manifest throughout the goings and comings of birth and death.

    We humbly beg your true compassion and attentive concern.
    At this monastery, on this day of this month, we have humbly arrived
    at the occasion of the entry into final nirvana of our Great Benefactor
    and Founder of the Teachings, the Original Master, Most Reverend
    Shakamuni Buddha. ... We have reverently
    prepared incense, flowers, lamps, and candles, decoction, sweets,
    tea and rare delicacies, and extended them in offering. Respectfully
    gathering the present pure assembly, we have in unison chanted ... the
    Great Buddha’s Ushnisha Heroic March Dharani of the Ten Thousand
    Practices. We offer up the excellent merit accumulated thereby, to
    requite his compassionate blessings.

    We humbly pray that the light of quiescense shall be completely
    bright; that the marvelous merit resulting from the practice and
    verification of the four perfections shall be strong and ever-abiding;
    and that we may obtain the excellence of the Blessed One of Six
    Of course, in my book, Buddha's non-birth ... and Buddha's non-death ... are happening in each moment of each day ... now now now. 8)

    Here is a typical traditional depiction of the Buddha's non-passing. One aspect that always touches me is that some of the enlightened Arhats still shed tears, some are quiescent, some smile. All good.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Paranirvana Day

    I recall a non-priest's comment on the occasion of my mother's funeral;
    "Think of it not as a death here but rather, a birthday in heaven!"

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