Hey y'all. I was sitting with a zen group earlier in the week that uses the kyosaku. This has been a topic discussed here from time to time, so I won't delve into the merit of the awakening stick. I did want to approach some of my thoughts/experience, however.

In the first period of zazen, my posture was corrected with the kyosaku. A couple of things became readily apparent in that moment. First, that I have a pronounced slouch in my posture. Second, perhaps due to the first, as I conformed to the kyosaku against my back, I felt that this new posture was absolutely bolt-upright. I wound up developing considerable tension in my neck and shoulders, which hasn't been an issue the past. It also reminded me of the analogy of breaking through the ceiling with one's head while sitting.

I'd put those thoughts aside until today, when I was listening to Taigu's Fukanzazengi 4 talk. When the talk turned on the point of trying to pour oneself into someone else's posture, I returned to this experience.

So, am I bringing all this rigidity into a novel (for me) posture? Either way, I do need to slouch less. :|

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on the matter. Thanks!