This afternoon, I was sitting for a while, and I started having some interesting visual hallucinations. I wasn't especially tired or anything, but the wall I was looking at started moving. In the room where I sit, two of the four walls are white, and they have a kind of stucco on them. I sit facing one of them. After a while, the pattern on the wall started moving. It moved up and down, swirled a bit, stopped and started. I didn't freak out or anything, and tried to take it in stride. Very odd.

So this brings me to a question: at what distance should one sit from the wall? I was sitting fairly close, and if I were sitting further from the wall, I wouldn't see it as clearly, as my vision is not very good (and I take my glasses off when sitting). Should I sit further away? I find that if I sit fairly close to the wall, I see less in my peripheral vision.