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Thread: Dogen movie

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    Dogen movie

    Hello everybody, Have you seen the Dogen's movie (in the year 2009)? What do you think about?
    For those who have not seen here is the trailer (missing subtitles)
    The entire movie is on youtube

    Movie 9 parts japanese english subtitles[/video]] ... re=related

    Jinyu made me discover it a few month ago, thank you Jinyu

    Gassho everybody

    Yang Hsin

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    Re: Dogen movie

    Hi Yang Hsin,

    This movie was featured in our "Treeleaf Film Club" recently ... complete with some reviews!


    Here was my review


    Here is the rest of the film club, by the way ...


    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Dogen movie

    Héhé :P
    Yes, Yang Hsin... I discovered the movie here on our Forum... Jundo shared it a while ago, if I'm not wrong! :wink:

    Have a very nice day everyone,
    ps: Yang Hsin thank you for your presence in our little group yesterday!

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