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Thread: Sweeping Zen

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    Sweeping Zen

    Saw a plug for Treeleaf on Facebook today:

    I like what Adam has been doing there over the past couple of years and think it was/is a good few of these kind of sources for Zen I feel.



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    Re: Sweeping Zen

    Cool! I just "liked it"


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    Re: Sweeping Zen


    Yes, it is a wonderful resource of information about all the many Sangha, Teachers and flavors of Zen Practice around. They invited us to park our "Sit-a-Log" blog there, and I am talking with the site publisher now. I think we will.

    Good folks, very dedicated to the Way. Have a look through if you haven't seen the site before or in awhile.

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Sweeping Zen

    nice to hear it,i've bookmarked a couple days ago but did not find time to read it yet.
    thX jundo

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