Hi Everyone,

So Google has released a feature called "Pages" in Google+. This allows organizations, business and such to host a page on G+. As many of you know (about 58 of you so far) we have a Treeleaf Sangha group out there that many are a part of. However, with the advent of this new option, I am hoping that we can migrate to the new Page. This will provide several good options for us. I can share management of the page, we can post updates to calendars and hangouts as well as host broadcasts of sits (Like the one Soen is going to do).

What does this mean for you. Only two things:

1. Add the new Treeleaf Sangha page to your circles:
- https://plus.google.com/b/116930448607190706458/

2. When starting a Hangout, make sure Treeleaf Sangha is included.
- This will make it visible to everyone in our sangha to join at will.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am going to write up a short guide this week on Hangouts and then post it up to that page.

Thanks for your continued practice.



**Edit** - To help clarify that you are a Treeleaf member, please add something about Treeleaf to your "About" section of the G+ profile..or else I may miss you.